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Old 24-08-11, 01:02
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Various rare Central and South American cichlids for sale

For sale due to going to Uni:
50xThorichthys F2 callolepis 'Rio Carolina', Mexico (considering these came in at 1" @20ea)
F2 Fish 10ea or 6 for 50,,,,,, 62 sold. 60 shipped for 6.
Price drop, 7.50ea!!!! 12 for 100 shipped.

1xThorichthys. F1 Affinis Lake Peten, Guatemala 6

Thorichthys. F1 Meeki- Rio Subin 1cm 1.50ea

Thorichthys macculipinnis F3 Rio Manso 6 for 25

F2 excichlasoma istlanum 1cm 1.50ea

Cryptoheros Cutteri breeding pair 20
" " 1" 1ea

Cryptoheros Sajica 1-1.5" stunning stock 2.50ea around 20 left, 60 sold.

Cryptoheros Spilurus male 6
" " 1-3cm 1ea

Cryptoheros Honduran Red Point F1- Rio Monga males 10ea or both for 15 show fish
" " F2 male 5

Cryptoheros Nanoluteus 15ea 3"+

Cryptoheros Myrnae 1-3cm juvies 2ea

Trimacs 3ea

exCichlasoma Salvini- F2 - Lago Illusionaires female 10 stunning 3"+

Rocia. Octofasciata 1-2" 2ea 6 left.
Rocio. Ocotal F1- Laguna ocotal breeding group of around 9 4" offers.
Sexed tiros 35.

Vieja Coatzacoalcos Rio Grande F1 7" male 15
1xvieja melanurus Rio Startun 2" 3

Archocentrus centrarchus 3.5" 10

Theraps Wesseli F1 Rio Jutiapa group of 4 2-4" 45

Parachromis. Managuense 11"+ male offers
Parachromis. Motaguense F1 'Red Tiger' breeding pair offers

exCichlasoma Festae Wild Caught Ecuador male 6" offers
exCichlasoma Festae F1 sexed pair 100

4x Blue acara 20

3-4 x Caquetaia umbriferus 6ea

Amphilophus citrenelis Black bared 4-6" San Juan black bared F1 Midas sexed pair 35

Postage/shipping available?:-
13 for 2 bags, 26 for upto 20

Location(if pick up only)?:-



Email at daveohare18@hotmail.com or PM.
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