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Old 14-01-16, 07:26
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using brine shrimp to figure dwarf shrimp compatibility?

Okay, so here's my idea.
adult dwarf shrimp generally range from 1/2" to 1&1/4" full size, depending on species.
Adult brine shrimp are about a half inch long, tops, and are less agile than dwarf shrimp and have softer shells.

I think you guys know where i'm going with this:
which fish do you know of that either can't kill adult brine shrimp, or better yet, don't even try?
(Eating them when they're practically dead is okay, I consider that borderline scavenging)

I'm figuring any fish like that would be fairly safe with Adult Dwarves in a heavily planted tank.
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Old 16-01-16, 11:39
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If you are talking about general tropical fish I would stick with small tetras, rasboras, maybe some small live eaters like endless, catfish look at otocinclus and smaller corydoras.
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Old 01-08-16, 07:24
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Most BN plecos will eat brine, but leave dwarf shrimp alone.
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