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Old 21-07-13, 02:18
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No, I sold the L104's and the L002's in the panaques and just kept the L397's which never seem to stop breeding.

I bought peckoltia L278 and their fry looked too similar to the L104's and I didn't want to be mixing up those and the L104 fry in the fry grow out tank.
L278 and L397 are different enough looking as fry that they can share the same grow out tank.

I have introduced a couple of new foods to the L397 fry which would also be fed to L104 if I still had them.
Sera Flora flake was getting very expensive here so I switched to Ocean Nutrition cichlid veg flakes which I can buy in 5kg bulk very easily.

I still use Hikari algae tabs and have added New Era green cichlid logs which everyone including carnivore fish seem to like. No bloating on the L397 fry with the New Era and saves me having to feed vegetables so often as the New Era has vegetable matter in it.
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brilliant, well done.

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