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Old 01-11-13, 18:19
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Hi, I recently moved the 2 new bosemeni rainbows from the q-tank to the 54g. Now it seems they are both male, one looked male for sure , but the other was questionable--until now. Now they have no females yet, and the stores have no females in stock, so I am temporarily stuck. I had planned a group of 5 , 2 male and 3 female. Well now the second one had shown his colors as well and they are chasing eachohter and chasing the harlequin raspboras . This is stressful and not what i want. The q-tank is holding 2 female diamomd tetras which i removed from the 54g because they were keeping everyone else at the bottom of the tank . They would sit on each side of the mid-tank and look down --a gesture I took as controlling. So should I put one diamond tetra back in the 54g to break things up? I need at least one in the q-tank to keep it cycled while waiting for more rainbows. Please advse . The diamonds were to go back to the store when they get more bosemani in . Thanks,
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