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Pleco Health Pleco ailments and health concerns.

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Old 04-04-18, 09:13 PM
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Ammonia 25
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 20
75 gal tank

Tank mates:
2 bala sharks
3 small loach
2 upside down catfish
2 harliquin rasbora
14 tetras
Water changes weekly. 25gal and vacuum 1/3 of tank.

Yesterday morning my pleco wasn't acting right so after work i checked water parameters the ammonia is high so i did a 25 gal water change and today my pleco is really sick. Fins clinched, what looks like white stuff on his body. My husband did a water change on Saturday while I was out, his first time, not sure what he did but now the ammonia is high, tank smells like algae and pleco really sick. The other fish don't seem to be affected. Someone responded to a recent pic i posted and thought maybe something wrong with the slime coat. Went to the local tropical fish store and they also said maybe stress coat. They said not to do another water change and add Seachem Stability and Seachem stress coat. I'm not sure I'm ok with just doing that. I'm thinking i need to do another water change but the store had me 2nd guessing. Please help. I added the pic on his tail, the end of his tail looks a little bit clearer when enlarged.

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