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by Doodles 08-17-09

All assigned numbers: L201


Common Names: Orinoco Angel Pleco, L201

Location: Upper Rio Orinoco

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With copper-orange hued spots peppered loosely about all parts of its body, this is the aquarium staple commonly mistaken to be h. contradens and inspector, and is therefore, still more strongly associated to these names than their rightful owners. Growing to a moderate ~4.5”, it is fairly small amongst the genus, with a stout rostrum and a reasonably compact body build, and while the peduncle is located far back on the tail, the actual fin itself is quite short, as opposed to certain other hypancistrus with more anteriorly located peduncles and flowing finnage.**
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More info: Identification of Hypancistrus

Compatibility: A relatively peaceful plec which is suited to housing in a variety of aquarium set ups provided that they are housed with other suitable peaceful fish which enjoy a similar ph range. If housed with other L201’s territorial fights may occur so plenty of caves should be provided.

Sexing and Breeding:
Relatively easy to breed given right conditions. The male takes care of the eggs and fry. Plenty of caves and regular water changes are required for breeding as is a good varied diet.

Omnivorous by nature these plec’s are not overly fussy eaters and so will eat a variety of foods. Vegetable matter is relished and should be given regularly in the form of zucchini, cucumber etc (see plecoplanet.com for a range of other vegetables that may be fed). Frozen foods such as Brine shrimp and bloodworms should also be added to the diet as should tableted foods particularly those formulated for plecs. As can be seen variety is recommended.

Water parameters:
Temp 25-30c PH 6.0-7.5

Max Size:
Approximately 10cm

Bred by:
Kakamac, windy, lealea, Jozebs

Breeding Log:
L201 Log

Additional Comments:

The L201 is one of the most popular plecs’ available today and rightly so. They are a good choice for the beginner and are often confused with L102 (Hypancistrus inspector).

Sources of info

Back to Nature Guide to L-Catfishes by Ingo Seidel
Planet Catfish

Profile written by kakamac
** Thank you to cup for permission to use the profile information from the Identification of Hypancistrus article
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