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L183 Ancistrus dolichopterus
by Doodles 08-17-09

All assigned numbers: L183

Name: Ancistrus dolichopterus

Common Names: L183, Starlight bristlenose

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Fish in good condition are very dark black with varying number of tiny white spots over the body. The tail and dorsal fin are finished with a starkly contrasting white to blue seam.

Aggression within its own species can be a problem but there should be no problem with other fishes in the aquarium.

Sexing and Breeding:
As with other Ancistrus the male will have bristles around the nose and up the snout towards the eyes. The female may have short bristles but only around the top lip. They are cave spawners with eggs laid in caves or other tight crevices. The male will trap a female in the selected spawn site until the eggs are deposited and in turn fertilised. The male will then guard the spawn and continually fan the eggs to keep water passing over them to avoid fungus. Depending on Tank temperature the eggs should hatch after about 5 days. The fry will use their yolk sac in about a week.


Water parameters:
Temp 24-29c PH 4-6
A pleco from the Rio Negro. A blackwater bristlenose that should be kept in soft, acidic water.

Max Size:

Bred by:
windy, SmithRC, thegeeman

Additional Comments:

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