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by Doodles 19-08-09

All assigned numbers: L254

Name: Spectracanthicus sp.

Location: Brazil, Rio Xingú

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Appearance: Belonging to the genus Spectracanthicus a genus closely related to Oligancistrus differences being the dentition and the teeth. Also the eye diameter is larger in Oligancistrus.
A small spotted fish quite “Chunky” in shape and with rather dark eyes the spots are fairly large and are a bright white on a dark blue almost black background. The spots are distributed sparingly over the body and also the fins. A small adipose fin and an almost rounded caudal fin with a rounded small extension on the upper lobe are descriptive of this genus.

Sexing and Breeding:

Diet: A meat eater that will not turn its nose up at vegetable based foods but will prefer meat to vegetable matter.
Will take sinking wafers and pellets along with shrimp and bloodworm.

Water parameters: PH 6.0 – 7.5 Temp 26.0-30.0°C or 78.8-86°F
Soft dark water and a reasonable flow of oxygenated water are required as is substrate of fine gravel with rocks. This best replicates the areas of the Xingu were this fish is mainly found. Tank mates should be chosen with care as this fish despite its small size can become quite territorial. Mid-water fish are ignored but bottom-feeding fish will become a target for aggression.

Max Size: 4 .5”

Bred by:

Additional Comments: Photos permitted to use by Ingo Seidel - back to Nature

written by macvsog23

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