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L151 Dekeyseria sp.
by Doodles 08-17-09

All assigned numbers: Name:  L151 - ok Ingo Seidel.jpg
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Size:  25.7 KB L151

Name: Dekeyseria sp. L151

Common Names: whitespotted redhorned plec

Location: Orinoco River, Amazonas, Venezuela

Name:  L151 - ok Ingo Seidel.jpg
Views: 559
Size:  25.7 KB

Appearance: These plecos look more 'flattened' than any of the others. They are very slender and long. brownish base with white spotted dots all over.

Compatibility: These pleco's are fairly peaceful towards other fish but can be quite territorial towards conspecifics, so a ratio of one male per 30cm squared should be provided. Females seem to be quite compatible and a recommendation of 2-3 females per male would be fine. Males tend to be quite dominant toward's females so ensure there are enough females to keep him busy. Please provide adequate caves and hiding facilities for the females. These are suited for a community tank.

Sexing and Breeding: Males heads are wider and larger than females and tend to have larger finage. Sexually Mature males have longer odontodes on the pectoral fins than females

Diet: Herbivore -a vegetable based diet with good pellets and fresh vegetables needed. Every now and then also some meaty protein.

Water parameters: PH 5.0-7.0 Temp 25-29c
These plecos seem to do fairly well in most water conditions as long as the aquarium is well oxygenated and the water is clean. They will however be at their best and likely to show off their colouration in soft and slightly acidic water

Max Size: 20cm / 7.87 "

Bred by: We presume not achieved by a PP member so far, as we have not received any reports

Additional Comments: Similar to L216. Approval for usage by Ingo Seidel - Back to Nature Handbook . Some info used from www.welsfans.de

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