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Pleco Health Pleco ailments and health concerns.

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Old 25-06-18, 08:07
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page Common pleco LG Ick or fungus? Picture included

Hi I was a complete beginner to aquariums a few weeks ago, got two common plecos to eat algie and keep our pond clean. To keep it short that was my ignorance. Now they are in a 29gal aquarium with 10 glofish and 6 neon tetra. I am building them a 100+ gallon indoor also but before I start moving them around anymore
I want to cure the one bigger pleco that has a white growth on its nose. Its appears to be loose and I thought It was a bad case of ich from the pond. A couple neons got ich when I put them in together, before I noticed the pleco was sick. Been treating them all for 10 days at 32c for 4 days than 31c for 6, been changing around 30% of water every 2 or 3 days. Also for the last 5days been using a mild dose of jungle ich cure. Just want to make sure this is ick before I continue. Should I maybe remove the one pleco who is the only one showing signs of any illness? Sorry for the long long post. And thanks for anyone who can help.

Edit: everyone seems healthy otherwise and is eating good.
Picture attached Its the white stuff on his nose. no other signs.
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