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Aquarium and set up/issues General tank, water and set up questions and answers

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Old 10-02-18, 01:04
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Breeding rack for plecos ( filter talk )

After some info what works better .
is it best to run a sump and have all the tanks sharing the same water for breeding different types of L's . reason im asking is a sump would filter the water better . but i dont know if it would help with breeding . like having different plecos on the same system sharing the water condishions or best to give them there own water condishions that best suit the species in the tank .

a sump would be easier but idk if different species would like sharing the same water type ( water temp PH ect ect ).
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I am actually thinking about this right now for myself. I have always tended to stay away from multiple tanks sharing same filter. Taking disease/sickness out of the equation, you would need to keep species with similar conditions for breeding/living, etc. I am leaning towards each rack having 3 tiers, a tank on each top tier and 2 large canister filters sitting on the bottom tier for both. Another option would have a sump per 2 tanks. That way you would only need to have similar condition species limited to 2 per mini system. Just ideas.
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