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by Doodles 08-21-09

All assigned numbers: L333

Name: Hypancistrus sp.

Location: Rio Xingu, Brazil

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Appearance: Perhaps the most widely variable fish of the genus, L-333 is a name designated seemingly to any such fish that is of the king tiger group that does not have an obvious designation…needless to say, this number is in dire need of cleaning up, but there are a few general guidelines to follow; at least pertaining to the fish first listed in DATZ. This animal is somewhat more compact with larger fins relative to the body than other similarly colored animals. Furthermore, the patterning is less discrete than other vermiculated animals. For example, while the stripes of L-66 generally maintain a relatively uniform anlge along the flank of the fish, thus giving the effect of multiple parallel lines running in a repeated fashion, L-333 markings often stray in a haywire fashion, and may oscillate regularly (forming “squiggles”, if you will). However, markings such as these are a somewhat less reliable way to identify a fish in question, and again, this number still is in dire need of reclassification. It should also be noted that these are very large animals, topping perhaps even L-66 in terms of sheer length and girth.**
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More info: Identification of Hypancistrus
A variable Hypancistrus in base colour and stripes though most are dark brown/black base with yellow banding

Compatibility: Peaceful Hypan that will live happily in community tanks. For breeding a species tank is preferred

Sexing and Breeding: A lovely looking Hypan that can be bred at higher temps (30c) in the home aquarium

Diet: An Omnivore that leans towards a meatier diet, so foods like frozen bloodworm, Carnivore pellets, Earthworm sticks, Tetra Prima should be provided It doesnt hurt to also introduce some veg once in a while to their diet.

Water parameters: No nitrites and as little nitrates as possible. Medium to soft water preferred. Temp between 26-30c. PH 6-7.6

Max Size: 14-15cm TL

Breeding Logs: See below

Bred by: thegeeman, windy, lealea, Jozebs, Brengun

Additional Comments:

Hypancistrus youngsters may require a more vegetable based diet according to Back to Nature Lnumbers book.

** Thank you to cup for permission to use the profile information from the Identification of Hypancistrus article

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Old 10-16-09, 04:15 PM
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thegeeman is on a distinguished road


Just thought I would share with you all my L333 set up.

Standard 30" x 12 x 15 80 litres

Eheim (of course) external 850 Lph fitted with difusor
Maxijet 600 Lph Powerhead.
200 watt heater.

3 Adult wild caught L333. 1 male and 2 females. These are the biggest Hypans I own with the male almost 5" TL
5 Juvenile Corydoras Metae
Assassin snails


TDS 150
PH 6.8
Nitrates 20
I dont test for anything else

Normal Hypan breeding applies, Plenty of good quality water changes allthough because of the high temperature I do smaller changes to avoid a big drop that could shock the fish.

All 3 adults cave and when the male wants to spawn he will visit the cave the female lives in. Sometimes the female can be trapped for anywhere upto 2 weeks but normally a few days. They produce between 20 and 50 eggs depending on the female. The eggs are really large at maybe 4mm.


These are the only pics of the adults I have which were taken before I moved them to the breeding tank

Latest spawn

Previous spawns


Carlsberg don't make external filters but if they did then they would make them just like
Old 05-02-11, 07:52 AM
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Brengun is on a distinguished road

Breeding the L333 Hypancistrus yellowish king tiger.

AGE/SIZE OF ADULTS AT SPAWNING: 7.5 to 8.5cm first spawn.


TANK SIZE (GALLONS OR LITRES): 90cm x 36cm x 36cm, 116L

TANKMATES: At least a dozen LG6 whiptails.

TANK FURNITURE: (PLANTS/CAVE TYPE/WOOD) Anubias on driftwood, round ceramic log cave.

TANK SUBSTRATE: Coffs gravel with coral pieces to buffer.

TEMP (F OR C): Rena 100W heater set 26C. Temp range 26 to 28C.

PH: 6.8, dropping to 6 after rainwater wc.

FILTRATION/POWERHEAD/CURRENT: Under gravel filter with air stones on two risers, Ehiem 2213 canister intake on the 3rd riser, Otto 800lph power filter.

LIGHTING (TYPE/DURATION): Room fluros 4ft about 12hours a day, late morning to late night.

FOODS: Hikari algae wafers, Sera flora flake, Sera Viformo tabs, Cucumber(mostly eaten by the whiptails)


QTY/% OF WATER CHANGES: 25-30% rain water


6/12/10 Added trio of sexed L333 7.5cm to 8.5cm to 3ft tank, Ehiem canister also added to the tank.
26/12/10 Large amount of rain.
Added 18 LG6 whiptails to the tank who commenced immediate spawning
11/1/11 Major flooding and storms

Combination of rainwater wc, cooler and stormy weather and added a small Eheim canister with increased current. Previously only ugf and power filter filtration.

Addition of a piece of slate over the pleco spawning cave also allowed the female to sit closer with privacy.

DATE HATCHED: 13/01/11

WERE PARENTS OR EGGS/FRY REMOVED AFTER SPAWN? Fry removed and raised in thefishcave fry saver.



FIRST FOODS: Hikari algae wafers, cucumber, Sera flora flake.

FREQ OF FEEDING: daily, they weren't fussed with cucumber but they got it anyway.

Tank photo ( the wave maker is a recent addition, post spawn)

Adult photos taken 25 September 2010
8.5cm female

8cm male

7.5cm female

Male in log (note the shallowish fork in the tail, the L066 has a much deeper fork)

Fry 8 days (one fry is an LG6 whiptail)

Two weeks old

8th March, nearly 2 months old at 2.5cm and released from the fry saver to their own baby grow out tank

Almost 3 months old and 3.5cm.

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