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by Doodles 08-17-09

All assigned numbers: L071, L181, L249


Common Names: Peppermint pleco

Location: Brazil .L071 from the Rio Tapajos, L 181 from the Rio Tefe as well as L249 from the Rio Trombetas, we are talking about the same species. All of these places of origin & some not mentioned, are in the area of the middle to lower Amazon and are of clear or black water types with soft acidic water chemistry.

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Very easily confused with L183 Ancistrus dolichopterus. They lose the white edging on tail and Dorsal fin...sometimes they keep a small tail tip of white.


Temperament: Peaceful

Sexing and Breeding:
Males develop bristles on their nose and around the mouth. Females either have no bristles, or they are not as well developed as those of the male.
The dorsal fin of this species is supported by 7-8 soft rays

Omnivorous, In the wild, it feeds mainly on algae, The Peppermint Bn should not be forced to live on natural algae growth only in the aquarium - always supplement with algae based prepared foods and fresh vegetables. also needs wood

Water parameters:

(C): 23 C (73.4 F) - 28 C (78.8 F)
PH 5.0- 6.5

Minimum Tank Size: 100L (26 US Gal)( 21.649 528 8 UK Gal)

Max Size: 12-15cms

Average Life Span: 10 years

Bred by:
Mooo, Brengun

Additional Comments:

Profile and Photos kindly supplied by Mooo
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