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Aquarium and set up/issues General tank, water and set up questions and answers

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Old 07-18-09, 08:05 AM
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Originally Posted by st24rsap View Post
as Rabbit said he will be fine with no heater and pump, if you have an air stone then put in it with him on low it wont hurt. The small amount of stress he will go through will be nothing compared with changing the gravel with him in the tank and he will soon settle back in with no probs when the tanks done.

106L is not that big, the average bucket holds approx 12L so get 6 or so of these, for 1 each its well worth having some spares just incase they are needed in the future anyway

Thanks St24rsap, well you can never have enough buckets

I will show Chris the information given and will do what is best for Spencer, tbh i thought it would be less stressfull to do the change with him in the tank, but thinking about it now....... i am so glad i asked now.

Thank you everyone

Please dont forget to vote on Aqua rank
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