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Old 11-06-17, 11:10 AM
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Hello pleco people

Hello pleco people! I am a long time hobbyist with a background in Discus and high tech planted aquariums. A couple years ago I stepped away from the hobby. 50% daily water changes on the discus, and daily fert dosing on my planted tanks basically wore me out. The hobby became a second job and wasn't fun anymore.

I reentered the hobby about 4 months ago and made changes that I wish I had done earlier. I set up my larger tanks with auto top off and auto water change systems so I can do a 50% water change and never touch a bucket or a drop of water. I also changed from high tech planted tanks to low-med light planted tanks with no Co2 and only weekly ferts. The hobby is once again enjoyable and doesn't take too much time away from the family.

Plecos, catfish and other bottom feeders have always been one of my favorite parts of the aquarium due to the vast diversity of species and their unique specialization. I look forward to learning more about our sucker mouthed armored friends on this forum thanks to your combined experience and knowledge.

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Old 11-08-17, 04:17 AM
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Hello and to Plecoplanet, hope you enjoy the forum.
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Old 11-08-17, 04:20 PM
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... about 2 to 3 years.

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Old 11-11-17, 03:53 AM
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