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L036 Hemiancistrus spilomma
by Doodles 16-08-09

All assigned numbers: L036

Hemiancistrus/Ancistomus spilomma(Peckoltia spilomma)

Common Names: L036

: Rio Araguaia, Para and Rio Tocantins, Brazil

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First impression of the spilomma is that it looks very similar to a Hypostomus but odontodes behind the gill cover are typical of the Ancistrus family.

The Hemiancistrus spilommais a fairly non aggressive pleco even as an adult, this makes them ideal for medium sized fish tanks.

Sexing and Breeding:
Males have longer odontodes behind the gill covers and on the pectoral-fin spine.They also have odontode growth on the lower half of the body.

Diet: Omnivore but need a more veggie based diet. Plenty of fresh vegetables and also some meaty foods like mosquito larvae and brine shrimp

Water parameters:
PH 5.5-7.5 Temp 25-29c
They require soft to medium hard water and a strong current. Due to the higher temp required, plenty of oxygen is needed. 120cms in the smallest tank size that is recommended.

Max Size:

Bred by:

Additional Comments:


Back to Nature L-Catfishes written by Ingo Seidel
Datz L35-L38 PDF http://www.datz.de/Artikel.dll/l-35-...MTU0NTYxOA.PDF

Thank you to Elko of http://www.welsfans.de/
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