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Pleco Breeding Help and advice on how to get your pleco's spawning, and to show off about your successes

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Old 11-08-16, 09:24
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Lightbulb L183 as first attempt at breeding Ancistrus?

Hi all!

My LFS has let me know that they just got in some hard-to-find (here anyway) L183 babies (we're talking 3cm--they're adorable), an L-number that I've been trying to get my hands on. I saw them yesterday and they look fantastic: bright, perky, happily chowing down on zucchini & hanging out on manzanita wood. They've been in quarantine for a month so now they're ready to go.

I'm tempted to just buy around 8 of them and try my hand at breeding down the line, and I have a mature tank set-up that I could easily dedicate to this.
I've never bred plecos before, but I've kept various species over the years with great success, but I'm wondering if this is a bit much to jump into? They're too young to sex with any degree of confidence (some are showing pretty impressive bristles considering their size) and my LFS offered to sell me 6+ at trade price.

So, should I content myself with just getting one or two of these little guys or are Ancistrus in general easy enough to breed that it might be worth a try?

Thanks for your input!

(They would be going into a 70L long tank for now with a beefy external canister filter and then once they're up in size and hopefully easier to sex divvied up into 70L tanks by 'lucky couple'... though again, totally open to feedback here.)
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Old 13-08-16, 02:21
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get 7 or 8 and hope for 2 pair
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Old 18-05-17, 09:33
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hi, i have two year old L183. can someone tell me what are water parameters for breeding atempt?
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