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Redescription of Hypostomus latirostris (Regan, 1904) with the recognition of a new..

"Redescription of Hypostomus latirostris (Regan, 1904) with the recognition of a new species of Hypostomus (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) from the upper rio Paraguay basin, Brazil"

ClŠudio Henrique Zawadzki, Hugmar Pains da Silva, and Waldo Pinheiro Troy

Hypostomus latirostris was originally described by Regan (1904) from "River Jungada [= rio Jangada], Matto Grosso and Goyaz”; however, the species is rarely mentioned in taxonomic works on Hypostomus from Paraguay. Herein, the two syntypes of Plecostomus latirostris were examined showing critical differences between them.After the analysis of a large sample of recently collected specimens from the upper rio Paraguay basin we concluded that the two syntypes from the rio Jangada indeed belong to different species. Hypostomus latirostris is redescribed and a lectotype is designated herein. The other syntype (now a paralectotype of H. latirostris ) is designated as paratype of Hypostomus renestoi, new species. Hypostomus renestoi can be differentiated from H. latirostris by having robust teeth (vs. slender); by having 28 - 77 teeth on the premaxilla (vs. 79 - 111) and 25 - 64 on the dentary (vs. 79 - 109); by having small and more conspicuous dark spots (vs. larger and less conspicuous dark spots); by having dorsal and mid-dorsal series of plates with moderate hypertrophied odontodes (vs. lacking hypertrophied odontodes on lateral series of plates); and usually by attaining a smaller size.
Published: Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwater

New in the database: Hypostomus renestoi


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