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Old 23-05-18, 15:43
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We FINALLY received word on the "ban" that many people were claiming would happen with certain pleco species. Just as previously thought, the list has been RENEWED, and here is the outcome of those plecos in which many people purposely price-gouged the general public to buy.

I'm not saying that anyone knew they would be banned, or wouldn't be. Fact is, no one knew at all, and these people used the claim as a statement to sell things like L134 plecos for $200 (was listed on ebay). They pointed out that the list was set to EXPIRE in April/June of 2018 (April for collection, June for final exports). And they used it to show that the plecos could no longer be sold after that. But we now have official word through a VERY common and respected name in the fish hobby that this is NOT the case at all! The list has been renewed! These plecos are indeed still legal to collect, sell, and export!

CONFIRMATION by LTygeriss, on Flickr
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