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L048 Scobinancistrus cf. pariolispos
by Doodles 08-16-09

All assigned numbers: L048

Scobinancistrus cf. pariolispos

Common Names: L048

Location: Rio Xingu, Pará, Brazil

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Appearance: A failry stocky plec with a deep black body and white spots. Juveniles seem to have large irregular spots that become more uniformed and numerous as the fish matures

Compatibility: Relatively peaceful towards all other fish for a large plec, however, care should be taken when housing several S. cf. Pariolispos together, ensuring there is plenty of space and decor for each fish to claim a territory

Sexing and Breeding: S. cf. pariolispos are very hard to sex accurately until they reach maturity, males tend to be bigger than females and will have a more "hairy" or textured appearance. No breeding success has been reported with this pleco.

Diet: carnivorous, will accept most prepared foods. As with all carnivores, they should be offered a wide range of food, from commercial foods, to prawn, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae and shrimp.

Water parameters: Due to the size that they can attain, a large tank should be used to house L048, they seem to be fairly hardy and thrive in most aquariums so long as the water is kept clean, PH levels within the ranges of 5.8 to 7.6 are fine, so long as the level is stable.
They should be kept at temperatures between 24c and 29c, and given plenty of water movement and oxygen.

Max Size: 12"

Bred by: Unreported

Additional Comments: An attractive and generally active pleco, great for larger community tanks
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