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L034 Ancistrus ranunculus
by Doodles 16-08-09

All assigned numbers: L034

Ancistrus ranunculus

Common Names: Medusa pleco

Location Rio Xingu, Pará, Brazil

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Appearance: A very flat bodied fish for an ancistrus with an extremely wide head, all brown or black bodied with vast bristle growth

Compatibility: a very peaceful if somewhat shy pleco, suitable for any community set up.

Sexing and Breeding: Males and females will both grow large bristles although males will have a much heavier amount of groth.
Believed to be a cave spawner, with preference to smooth round caves such as plastic pipe.

Diet: still omnivorous like all ancistrus but with a more carnivorous tendancy, a varied diet should be offered with meaty food and fresh veg occassionally.
will accept most commercially available foods

Water parameters: A fairly hardy sp that can tolerate most water types, ph ideally around neutral but any stable level between 6.4 and 7.8 is fine, temerature should be between 25 and 29c

Max Size: around 5"

Bred by:

Additional Comments: when mature, A. Ranunculus look stunning, with their massive heads full of branched bristles, its easy to see how they got called Medusa pleco
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