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Old 11-12-11, 05:08 AM
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searching for l066 in vic (king tiger pleco, white)

hey guys. im new here. i found this forum in my search for l066s for sale in vic. there doesnt seem to be any lol. does anyone know where i can find 4 fry for sale that could be posted to vic or sold in vic?

also. i was wondering what the difference is between the l066 and the l333. i have read that they are both very similar but the l333 is more territorial?

i would really love to get ahold of 4 small white and give it a fair crack at breeding them (giving back a lil) lol. if anyone could help me with who to go to etc etc it would be great. i travel around for work and can get some l066 from an aquarium for about $66 but im not sure if thats for the white fellas or not. currently they cant get them in.. but its a matter of patience and i am quite impatient once i have decided what im doing and how im doing it lol.

i have owned plecos before.. but never anything like these guys. i imagine their care is a lot like the bristlenose? just require a bit more of a meaty diet? have spent countless hours reading up on them on various forums. they just all seem to be quite conflicting which is a concern.
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Old 01-19-13, 09:03 AM
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discus man0 is on a distinguished road

Hi I do have some l066 for sale they are 4-5cm nice fish I live in narre warren I you are still looking let me know Sean 0413045397
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