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by Doodles 08-16-09

All assigned numbers: L066


Common Names: king Tiger, Network Pleco, Scribble Pleco

Location: Lower Xingú Brazil

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Appearance: The large, vermiculated hypancistrus (i.e., 333, 401, et al) are quite similar in appearance and quite difficult to tell apart. Distinguishing between these animals often requires a discerning eye, and even then, because L numerals do not correspond to a single species (necessarily), there can be a great deal of variety even within a single number. The king tiger, L-66, is no exception. A relatively large fish at around 5-6”, it is a standard bodied hypancistrus with a hefty, but not bulky, body build, and is reasonably elongated when compared with L-333. However, it is not so spindly as L-399; think of it as an intermediate in body proportions. Vermiculations on its pattern are usually rather thin, and more importantly, especially amongst males), connected, to form a “checkered” pattern along portions of the flank—usually, nearer to the belly of the fish, and colors often fade as adults grow into maturity. Again, though, there are likely multiple species encompassed within this number—appearances will vary.**

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More info: Identification of Hypancistrus
Pale base colouration with lots of variation in patterns. some have thick lines, thin lines, spots or a combination of all. Usually identified by its forked tail. Males become almost jet Black when breeding.

Compatibility: Fairly peaceful plecs unless breeding, can be kept with corys or other mid water fish. Ideally when breeding keep them in a species only tank. If more than 1 male is kept in a breeding group fighting can occur and prevent successful spawns

Sexing and Breeding: Mature males develop large amounts of cheek and pectoral odontodes to a much greater extent than females. Course body hair is also visible on well conditioned mature males. Breeding is similar to other species of hypancistrus, male will trap female for around 2-3 days whilst vibrating to encourage her to spawn. Once the eggs are laid the male will guard the eggs in his cave usually keeping the clutch in his mouth breathing over them. Eggs usually hatch in 5-7 days, egg sacks are used up within 5-10 days.

Diet: An Omnivore that leans towards a meatier diet, so earthworm pellets, Sinking carnivore wafers, Bloodworm pellets, algae wafers, tetra prima, Frozen bloodworm, Tetra doromin. Anything meaty will usually be eaten with no problems.

Water parameters: Temp 25-30C.
Nitrates as low as possible. Tds as low as possible. PH 6.5-7.5. High flow preferred.

Max Size: 5.5" TL

Bred by: st24rsap, windy, Jozebs, thegeeman, Bigjohnnofish, The TechDen, Brengun

Breeding Log: See post below. For all questions and comments please use original thread here L066 Log

Additional Comments::

Hypancistrus youngsters may require a more vegetable based diet according to Back to Nature Lnumbers book.

** Thank you to cup for permission to use the profile information from the Identification of Hypancistrus article

Profile kindly provided by st24rsap-- www.plecoheaven.com
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L066 breeding log

Info on my Hypancistrus L066 King Tiger breeding project

Tank details
100L clear seal tank
Eheim 2224 external + difuser
Slate tank bottom
Lots of slate & caves
300ppm TDS
Temp 28-30C
15-25% daily water changes.
5 Adult L066, 2 male 3 females
9 Axelrodi cory & 2 Adolfi cory
Internal power head producing high tank flow
Bubble wand for good oxygen circulation

I started off with 14 L066 and over time reduced the group size untill i had a mature group i was happy with. They have been breeding for around 8-10 months now. Both males have spawned as have all 3 females. Usually they breed once every 3-6 weeks, clutches are quite large with upto 60 eggs on some occasions. They seem to be on a break at the moment as its been over 2 months since the last spawn but the males are showing signs again and all females are heavily gravid.

Attached pics show some of the young, the tank setup and some of the adults.
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