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Pleco Breeding Help and advice on how to get your pleco's spawning, and to show off about your successes

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Old 08-28-13, 02:53 AM
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Currently breeding L144's in Albino, Albino LF, & Normal BN. I love my BN's and currently have over 50+ fry in Albinos. Sadly my Angels ate my Normal BN fry. Looking for other varieties of BN too.
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Old 03-30-14, 02:06 AM
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Common bristlenose
Peppermints (attempting)
L333 (attempting)
L066 (attempting)


Other catfish:
Synodontis multipunctatus (attempting with blue dolphin cichids)

Guppies ^.^
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Old 07-17-17, 04:26 PM
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Sorry for hijacking an old post, but how did you get on breeding the L75? Any luck?
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