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Aquarium and set up/issues General tank, water and set up questions and answers

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Old 09-09-18, 06:55 PM
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First fish for eventual pleco tank?

Hi Everyone!

I am setting up my first ever tank (Eee!). Hoping to do speedy fishless cycle with bottled bacteria, although I'm aware this rarely works so we shall see :/

Anyway, once that's done I was looking for some recommendations for a first fish, as I don't want to put my pleco in first.

My parameters are:

54L tank
Ph 6.9
hardness 8dH

I'd eventually like to have a school of cardinal tetra and a clown pleco in the tank, so am looking for one other fish, ideally around 6cm mature size. I love the look of male Bettas but I'm pretty sure that's not a good idea as they'll attack the tetras (?), so is there another longish finned and colourful fish that would work?

Obviously I'm a complete beginner so they need to be hardy as hell to account for my incompetance hahaha
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