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Old 22-04-13, 12:13
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A surprise!


Just found out that my albino Kribs have babies.
I was watching my fish (as i do when there's nothing interesting on TV) thinking that i should get my **** into gear and get the tank cleaned out when i started watching the Kribs because they were acting different. Because there's a bit of muck on the floor of the tank i thought that was what i was seeing drifting in the current but the Kribs looked like they were protecting something. Chasing off one of the Darter Tetras and keeping the Gouramis away. I desided to havea look and noticed lots of little fish

What do/can i do? The tank could do with a clean but i don't want to disturbed them.


I have -
Juwel Rio 180 with external filter

1 x Neon Tetra
1 x Red tailed shark
1 x Common BN
2 x Rummy nose Tetra
2 x X-ray Tetra
4 x Mollies
4 x Skunk Corydora
6 x Five band Barbs
6 x Harliquin Rasbora
6 x Buenos Aires Tetra

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Old 22-04-13, 19:55
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Oh wow great news indeed well done. Are your fry also albinos ? Cheers jk

Greatings from Downunder Sydney- :D I am not perfect, so I say it how I see it :-/ Smile and enjoy Life
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