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Originally Posted by YAL05T View Post
G'day Jason, I have been planting in terracotta pots for the last 10-15 years. Buy them new from a nursery and give them a few days soaking as a safety measure I also add in some prime and melafix, just for stamps.
Cheers matey.
Do you have any pics for inspiration?
I have -
Juwel Rio 180 with external filter

1 x Neon Tetra
1 x Red tailed shark
1 x Common BN
2 x Rummy nose Tetra
2 x X-ray Tetra
4 x Mollies
4 x Skunk Corydora
6 x Five band Barbs
6 x Harliquin Rasbora
6 x Buenos Aires Tetra

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