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Originally Posted by Panaque-Fan View Post
Some more L190 royal shots.

Update and good news on the new L142 I bought last week.
Since treatment, the pleco's fins have healed up, overall body mass is beginning thicken again (really skinny when I initially got it, almost looked like a tadpole from above), face is filling out slowly (still a bit sunken in, as you can see from that dark patch on it's snout), it's feces are not white and stringy anymore, and the pleco's belly is now flat/even (can be seen it the reflection on the bottom of the tank) and no longer caved in!
I knew it was risk buying this pleco with the condition it was in, but I'm glad I took it in because I knew this pleco had a fighting chance!
Will continue to update everyone on the pleco's road to recovery.

Awesome pics, Panaque-fan. I hope the little guy fully recovers. How many do you have at this point?
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