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Jo Crane 07-04-10 02:01

Freshwater shrimp
Type of fish/goods:- Freshwater Shrimps


Qty available:-Lots

Price:-Various as shown

Postage/shipping available?:-UK only 4.99 1st Class or 7.99 Special delivery

Location(if pick up only)?:-Crewe Cheshire

Caridina sp. CRS A Grade 5.28
Caridina sp. CRS S Grade 12.99
Caridina sp. CRS SSS Grade 23.61 few only pre order
Neocaridina Heteropoda Cherry Shrimp 1.38
Caridina cf. cantonensis Bee Shrimp 1.38
Caridina cf. babaulti Green 3.00
Orange 2.32
Neocaridina Cf. Zhancjiajiensis Var. White Snowball 2.92
Caridina gracilirostris Rednose 1.76
Caridina sp CBS A Grade 5.83 FEW ONLY
Sakura Shrimp (Super Luminous Red) Caridina sp. 5
Neocaridina yellow 3.88
Loas Micro Crabs 3.50
Green Lace Atya Shrimp Atya Species 6 RARE
Glass Shrimp large 1.76

crouchy 07-04-10 18:28

any pics of the SSS please?

fishyfeet 07-02-17 20:22

please see my pm jo

mrRRunner 09-02-17 15:02

Hi, Jo and Nick used to run Rare Aquatics which went out of business a couple of years ago,
look at the post date it's 2010 :dk:

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