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Mic 14-11-16 23:14

A BN with a mean streak?
Hey everyone. Mic here, posting on behalf of a close friend who is practically a sibling to me. She owns a MASSIVE male BN(?) pleco named 'Diablo Rubio,' Spanish for 'Blonde Devil.' She got him from Petco or Petsmart when he was a little over 3cm long, but he's grown to around 21.5 cm. He's a super-picky eater and will reject all food besides driftwood and Persian cucumber.
Diablo has been known to ram other bottom feeders and chase away any other fish that come too close to the ground. He has several different caves to choose from, but prefers to be out in the open. After he stressed one or two fish to death, my friend moved him to a smaller tank, which she previously used as an aquatic mini-garden. After 'rearranging' (laying waste to) his new surroundings, he took up residence on top of a piece of driftwood, which he uses as a vantage point so he can see the room outside of the tank.
The tank he's in is next to the bed, and at night he comes up to the glass closest to my friend and stares at her, possibly giving her the stink eye. What's this guy's deal? :-/
Note: this behavior has been present since he was a juvenile, but it got worse as he got bigger.

Here's a picture of Diablo himself:
TL;DR: Friend's pleco is a huge jerk and I'm wondering if it's possibly because of health/stress, though he doesn't display any definite symptoms of illness aside from generally being a menace.

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