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pauldoit 07-05-13 11:27 PM

Advice please on L333 prices
Hi All, I've been growing up some l333 from fry from 4 diff sources and am getting close to the exciting time of pulling the tanks down and pairing them up. I have thick lines thin lines and whites and yellows. I'll pick a 'theme' and go with that and sell the rest as I need the space. How much would you reckon is a fair price to ask for young adults 8cm+ un bred pairs? Thx in advance.

Brengun 07-06-13 02:30 AM

Best idea is go to the Aust classifieds section and type L333 in the search section. It should pull up a list of all the L333 that have been for sale and you can figure it out from there.

Bigjohnnofish 07-07-13 02:42 PM

im thinking around the 300-500 dollar mark depending on quality for pairs...

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