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zeebo 29-06-13 15:44

vacation lakeside cottage
Vacation Lakeside Cottage In Northern Connecticut Photo by yellowhouse21 | Photobucket[/ame]"]http://

so this is the lakeside cottage we stayed at . What a blast, spent most of out time in the water. Sooo relaxing and a peaceful place !

ps sorry if the photobucket slideshow comes up--still trying to get rid of it.

bigbird 29-06-13 23:29

Looks beutiful and seems like you had a great time. Cheers jk :thumbup:

zeebo 01-07-13 05:25

thanks jk, was wonderful and plan to go back next year with our fishing licenses and gear.

the Austin-Martin car show was a few miles up the road ,the 40th year they get together at this place from all over the country--some were trucked in from across the country as they didn't want to drive them such long distance. While I am sure not every A-M owner was there, just talking to some of the owners , we discovered there are not many here in the US ,hence the yearly gathering. We had to stop and chat and check them out, had a few oldies too.

Sorry about the slide show showing my library ... photobucket has changed and I thought i had it sorted out but still happening and i am not pleased.

anyway , great time , saw the fish below us while swimming and boating, clean , clear water . Cant ask for more than that !

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