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bre 10-03-12 05:09 AM

Photo KO!!!
Hi all,
As the name suggests we are going to have a Photo Knock Out Competition!
The theme will be

To run a KO we need to have either 16 or 32 photo's entered.
Photo's must not be added to this thread, instead they are to be sent via PM or email to myself.

Voting will take place from the start of November providing we have enough entrants.

You may request a place be held for you, we will only hold a place up until the 21st of October.


Brengun 10-08-12 11:07 PM

Photo pm'd to Bre. Anyone else got a nice pic to enter?
Comp cant run if no one else sends entries in. :beer:

Mooo 10-16-12 07:12 AM

I was already in :D...C'mon on every one...Brenda n I don't make a comp lol

Brengun 10-16-12 07:18 AM

I'll vote for you Mooo, you vote for me, plecoplanet can call it a draw and send us both a prize. :woohoo::lol:

bre 10-17-12 12:59 AM

Haha, gotta love you 2!

We currently only have 4 entries, so will desperately need some if we are to make this work!
If you have any questions just ask here.


xingu 10-17-12 01:10 AM

let me dig a shot out

bigbird 10-17-12 04:05 AM

sent cheers jk

Mooo 10-18-12 06:29 AM


Derek 10-24-12 10:24 AM

When is this KO starting? Is there enough entrants?

matubula 10-24-12 10:39 AM

I'll throw my hat in the ring, if it's still on.

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