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glyn 13-08-17 19:13

how doo !
just found and joined the site, im just coming back to fish keeping after an 11 year lay off , last time around i kept killies corydoras and a few smaller plecs.
i am just about to start building another small fish house for keeping the same sort of thing and will be sticking to the smaller species again, i managed to breed a few cory's last time around along with sturisoma aurium, queen arabesque and a few bristlnoses sp ,ive kept fish on and off for most of my life untill i closed my last fish house down 11 years back due to work,family and health problems and cant wait to staart again !

Dawn Michele 13-08-17 20:41

Hello. IM new too!!!

glyn 13-08-17 21:06

:hi: hiya dawn

Bigjohnnofish 15-08-17 18:51

:welcome: best of luck with your new fish room

Affinity 17-08-17 00:14


Pirarucu 21-08-17 13:05

Hello and :welcome: to Plecoplanet, hope you enjoy the forum...

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