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jimmywr 15-06-12 08:54

darwin trip
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Hi all a few photos of a trip to Darwin

jimmywr 15-06-12 09:02

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bigbird 15-06-12 10:14

wow stunning. nature at its best cheers jk :thumbup:

Pirarucu 15-06-12 11:50

Darwin is a beautiful place i lived there for awhile due to work commitments...only downside is the humidity,its crazy...good pics from such a great place of Australia...thanks for sharing. :thumbup:

jimmywr 16-06-12 00:21

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loved it cant wait to go back 29degrees everyday :clap:

Jackson 16-06-12 02:10

Very nice!!!

I would love to go there.

ccole 16-06-12 03:38

they are fantastic images... would really flick my switch to be that near somewhere with such extremes of nature.
thanks for the eye candy

zeebo 16-06-12 04:47

oh you lucky **** ! great photos, thanks for sharing with us !

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