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mvee 08-16-17 04:25 AM

Pleco Colony breeding tier setup
hey guys havent really posted much on forums but i would like to share my build, progress and story.

iv been out of the hobby for around 2 years and finaly desided to give it anouther shot...
i have had sucsses breeding, peps, l333, and common plecos but im looking to get more into it this time around...

so far iv setup my system and filled with water (yet to cylce)

for tanks iv gone with two 3ftx18x18 with a homemade diy sump.

each tank has two 25mm holes for overflows.

the sump was made and designed by myself, iv never really seen it before and its kind of similar to discus hans setup with his discus...

i will be uploading images shortly once i work it out !

the top tank im looking to house some kind of colony and the middle tank used as a growout.

any advice, tips or "do's and don'ts" would be great !


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