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PlecoMM 05-09-12 15:48

possibly the cutest thing alive!
found this little guy in the yard i had such a shock, wittle fwoggy :D

Tener ds 05-09-12 18:53


zeebo 06-09-12 04:31

awwww !

pauldoit 06-09-12 05:12

Cute, yes very. But what if it's a cane toad? Not so cute then huh?

PlecoMM 06-09-12 08:51

well that would be awkward. hahah but look at itttt aawww:)

dw1305 06-09-12 17:12

Hi all,
Looking at its leg length I think it is a toad of some description.

cheers Darrel

PlecoMM 07-09-12 02:08

okay now i dont like the photo lol!

Mooo 08-09-12 04:26

Wow so tiny :D

bigbird 08-09-12 04:44

cute toad indeed I would also say. cheers jk :thumbup:

Brengun 09-09-12 05:06

Careful its not confused with the burrowing frog. Many a time I have mistaken one for another. Burrowing frogs are cool.

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