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Board FAQ
Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

Forum Rules


*No personal attacks on other members
*Direct insults and personal attacks to other members will not be tolerated.
*Any post or private message containing such attacks must be reported to the staff, who will decide on any action to be taken.

No attacks aimed at staff members
*If any staff members conduct is felt to be unjust, The site owners/Admin must be contacted via private message.
*Any post that is derogatory towards members of staff will be removed and an infraction will be issued, staff issues will be dealt with by the site owners.

Multiple accounts not permitted.
*Only one account can be active for any single user, any secondary accounts will be deleted and the user may be issued with an infraction.
*Any banned member that is found to have opened a new account will automatically have that account banned too.
*If for any reason, any member needs to make any changes to their accounts, they must contact a member of staff.


*Please make sure your posts are easy for other members to read and if possible use a spell checker. Text talk will not be tolerated.
*No offensive material to be posted.
*Racist comments, swearing, adult images, trolling, spamming, flaming or other inproper material are not permitted on the forums, any offensive content will be removed and the poster will be issued with infractions.
*Any offensive posts must be reported to a member of staff.
*Be courteous. Respect others. Argue with the post, not the poster.
*Posting outside links is fine for adding information or to help answer a question, any others reasons please pm admin first. Advertising is not permitted.

*Signatures containing links to other pleco/fish forums are not permitted, however, requests by pm to admin will be considered. Links to other non forum sites may be allowed but only with the permission of admin, pm a member of admin to check before adding any link, if permission has not been given, it will either be removed or you will receive a pm from admin asking you to remove it.
*Signatures that are deemed too long or large- You will first receive a pm asking for the changes to be made, if ignored the siggy will be removed.
*Signatures or avatars that break forum rules- will be removed by admin without question. A second offence will result in the removal of signatures and avatars completely.


1 The first time you will receive a reminder of the rules by pm
2 Persistent rule breaking will incur warnings/infraction
3 Two infractions will get you put on moderation for one month
4 Three infractions will get you banned for 1 month
5 Further rule breaking will result in you being asked to leave the forum and/or permanently banned

We have written these rules to try and make the forum an enjoyable place for all members. Freedom of speech is fine and encouraged but please keep within the forum rules. Any problems or questions please pm either Affinity or Brengun (admin)

The owners of plecoplanet reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason.

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 04:39 AM.

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